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How to fix showing table labels in TeXstudio when using ctable package?

In TeXstudio editor one can easily choose which labels to reference as soon as you type the cross-referencing-macro you intended to use, for instance, \cref{} of the cleveref package (see image below).

enter image description here
One problem, though, when you use ctable package to create a table, a user-friendly package indeed, you soon discover that you should label the table the way that ctable understands:


Here comes the problem, since labels of tables were marked the way ctable understands, TeXstudio can no more recognize them as normal labels, and you won't find these labels in the drop down menu among other labels made by whatever else method.

This can be of course tolerated when you have a couple of labels, but when you have a lot of them, it turns out to be a tedious task to recall or call out the labels exactly as they are.

I would be grateful if someone would provide a workaround solution for this issue, without sacrificing the use of either ctable package or TeXstudio IDE.

TeXstudio version 2.6.4
ctable version June 14, 2013