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TeXstudio has been forked from Texmaker in 2009, because of the non-open development process of Texmaker and due to different philosophies concerning configurability and features. Originally it was called TeXmakerX because it started off as a small set of extensions to Texmaker with the hope that they would get integrated into Texmaker some day. While at some points you can still see that TeXstudio originates from Texmaker, significant changes in features and the code base have made it to a fully independent program.

TeXstudio runs on Windows, Unix/Linux, BSD and Mac OS X. It is licensed under the GPL v2. Being open source, you are free to use and to modify it as you like.


Benito van der Zander
benito [ΑΤ symbol] benibela.de (please mention “texstudio” in the subject, if you write a mail)

TeXstudio Authors:

Benito van der Zander, Jan Sundermeyer, Daniel Braun, Tim Hoffmann

Thanks to

Contributers: Frédéric Devernay, Denis Bitouzé, Jean-Côme Charpentier, Luis Silvestre, Enrico Vittorini, Aleksandr Zolotarev, David Sichau, Grigory Mozhaev, mattgk, A. Weder, Pavel Fric, András Somogyi, István Blahota, Edson Henriques, Grant McLean, Tom Jampen, Kostas Oikinimou, Lion Guillaume, ranks.nl, AI Corleone, Diego Andrés Jarrín, Matthias Pospiech, Zulkifli Hidayat, Christian Spieß, Robert Diaz, Kirill Müller, Atsushi Nakajima, Yuriy Kolerov, Victor Kozyakin, Mattia Meneguzzo, Andriy Bandura (Contact us if you are missing or don’t want to be mentioned.)


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